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Statistics and SEO Report for has a Global Alexa Rank of 69,527 (it is the 69,527th most visited website of the Internet). Our crawlers discovered this website on 2012-07-26 16:01:01, our last data analysis was done on 2012-08-21 18:28:40 and the screenshot was taken about 2 years ago. has 33 links pointing to the domain (including home page, inner pages and subdomains), it is associated with the country of Venezuela, where it has achieved a country ranking of 798 and is the primary source of traffic. Other countries visiting are Mexico, Colombia, Venezuela, Chile, Peru, Dominican Republic, Bolivia and Costa Rica. On our last data mining for this domain, we found 30 links (25 of them were internal and 5 external), the home page size in bytes was 22383 (21.9KB) and it took 16.1 seconds to load. The PageRank value of is 2 and it is not listed on

The language for this domain is Not provided. Our popularity system has not received any votes for yet. According to our tagging algorithm, some words that primarily describe this website are: belcorp, rico, blica, puerto, and xico.

Analytics obtained from our data mining
Discovered on2012-07-26 16:01:01 (2 years ago)
Last update on2012-08-21 18:28:40 (2 years ago)
Ranking on Alexa69,527
Links in count33
Alexa Ranking on Venezuela798
Traffic also comes from
LanguageNot provided
Important tagsbelcorp rico blica puerto xico
Internal Links Found25
External Links Found5
Page Size21.9 KB
Is it listed on
Home page load time16.1 seconds (This site is slow. Only 1.11% of the sites are slow like this)
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IP AddressHosted onCountry American and Caribbean IP address Regional RegistryPeru
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